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Numbers speak for us


unique media outputs

65 593 €

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Strong visibility in media

Tachyum regularly appears in media, being depicted as an innovative company with strong ties to Slovakia. We succeeded in connecting the publicity with specific milestones achieved by the company in regard to Prodigy´s development. Tachyum was presented as a reliable partner of the public, providing its unique know-how.

Raising brand awareness among investors

Development of Prodigy is well on its way and has already fulfilled and even surpassed expectations in testing simulations. Tachyum is now preparing for the start of mass production and talks to future customers. Thanks to regular publicity, we delivered a great deal of up-to-date information to members of the general public, as well as to existing and potential investors.

Informing about the construction of a Slovak supercomputer center

Tachyum is a founding member of the I4DI consortium, which aims to build a new supercomputer center in Slovakia. In cooperation with other technology companies, including the tech giant Seagate, Tachyum also grew ties with Slovak Academy of Sciences and the Slovak government, all with a common goal – to build the new Slovak supercomputer. Thanks to transparent and clear communication, more partners are expected to join the project soon.