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Why was the contest Office of the year created?

Office of the year aims to promote and evaluate the most innovative workplace designs of companies across Slovakia. Its goal is to present the philosophy, values and the new trends in workspace with help of companies who joined the contest. These companies are one stop ahead of everyone else. Why? They designed an inspirational, creative and healthy workspace for their employees. The goal is to inspire, to educate, to explain and to demonstrate that the word working now carries a different meaning than it used to. Organizer of the contest is CBRE Slovakia.

 Why did the companies join the contest?

Participation in the project Office of the year promotes every company that joined, it makes it more attractive for potential job applicants and it also provides the best competitors with a chance to gain coverage in prestigious Slovak media. Participation is thus a matter of prestige. The participants will then contribute and also dictate new trends in the field of workplace design.

Modern offices which make people feel comfortable and happy, and help them achieve higher effectivity of work, are a necessity. Especially if a company wants to increase its performance, productivity and growth. Companies that join the contest show that:

they are aware of global trends and follow the principles set by successful leaders

they know that the workplace effectiveness is important, especially its flexibility, low operational costs, how technically and technologically equipped it is, the availability for commuters, how organized it is – all these things help promote the overall communication and cooperation

they know how to gain interest and attractive high-quality workforce

they know how to coordinate people and teams in alignment with the general vision of a company – modern, agile and technologically developed

First year contest categories

  • Office of the year

    The grand prize for the most attractive workplace design. Competition for a title of the nicest, the most inspirational and the most interesting office that serves as pleasant environment for people to work in.

  • Conference room of the year

    prize for the nicest conference room – a place that serves as representation of the company and lets key strategic decisions come to life.

Achieved results

In the first year of the contest


firms applied


media outcomes


new followers at fan page

Office of the year 2016

IBM Slovakia won the contest in 2016

Conference room of the year 2016

Arkon won the contest in 2016

What we have achieved

During the first year of the contest in 2016

60 companies joined the contest during its first year (2016). The main partner of the contest was the magazine Forbes. In cooperation with Neuropea, the medial partner of the contest, 41 media outcomes were achieved, either in printed media or online.

Office of the year



Conference room of the year



Many already work differently

What about you?