• Metaxa Partyhaus

    The best place for a house party

It can be very difficult to throw a party where everybody enjoys themselves, nothing gets broken and relationships with neighbours stay intact. The brand Metaxa 5* has created a new concept Metaxa Partyhaus – an ideal place for throwing a party. A transportable container furnished like a living room ready for a party was free for the citizens of Bratislava to rent and throw a party in. Maximum of ten people, no preparation, no cleaning up, no worries.

When Spyros Metaxa decided to found the Metaxa brand in 1880, he probably did not know that his drink would become one of the symbols of sunny Greece. The Metaxa recipe is composed of ripe distillates and aromatic nutmeg wines from the Aegean Islands. It has gained acclaim from both critics and the public and occupies a unique place among ripe distillates. In Slovakia it is distributed by Rémy Cointreau.

About Metaxa partyhaus

  • Concept

    The Metaxa Partyhaus was based on results of a survey by Rémy Cointreau in Czech Republic, which confirmed and increasing popularity of house parties.

  • Equipment

    A transportable container of 33 square metres was equipped with a bar, a toilet, a fridge, a set of board games and a sound system. Metaxa took care of tasty refreshments and visitors could mix their own outstanding Metaxa drinks. Moreover, there were members of a security service company making sure that everything was in order and the guests were comfortable.

  • Renting

    The Metaxa Partyhaus was available for rent between May 2016 and September 2016 at the Kamenné square in Bratislava. It cost 200 euro to rent it through the project webpage.

What we achieved

Our communication goal was to promote awareness about the Metaxa Partyhaus project, to motivate customers to increase their consumption of Metaxa during social events at home, and to place Metaxa into a cheap-drink category. Through spontaneous publication and medial cooperation we have achieved 44 media outputs during three months. Videos with Juraj Šoko Tabaček reached 12 thousand views.


media outcomes

12 tis.

thousand livestream views

Friends are my everything

Cooperation with a famous Europa 2 radio presenter Štefan Modrič. The project supported by Europa 2 and presented in social media.

Party with Sajfa

Unique concept presented to the media by a popular presenter Sajfa. The informal press conference dressed as a party took place outdoors at the Kamenné square, right next to the Metaxa Partyhaus container.

Mixing with METAXA

Cooperation with Juraj Šoko Tabaček, a famous stand-up comedian and an actor. Promoted through livestreaming services.