• Launch of Huawei laptops in Slovakia

    Launching of Huawei MateBook series on the Slovak market for the first time


Huawei took the task of creating a device for work that saves time and simplifies tasks really seriously. This is how the ultra-thin and ultralight MateBook X Pro notebook was created. It boasts a touch screen, an almost limitless space for data and its battery lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge. You can also transfer any files from your Huawei phone to your computer more conveniently. In addition to the top model, the Huawei Matebook series will also offer other variants, differing in diagonal size and battery life.

How did we bring Huawei laptops to the attention of the media and the public?

  • By introducing Huawei as a manufacturer of not only high-end smartphones but also laptops
  • By establishing Huawei in the media as a technology leader engaged in several segments of consumer electronics
  • Spontaneous publicity and positive evaluations from renowned technology journalists
  • Creative lifestyle communication in relevant print outlets
  • Properly set up media mix, which included key technology, lifestyle, and business media

Project in numbers


media outputs

104 567 €

Achieved AVE value

Our activities

Expert reviews

In cooperation with the media we provided product testing which resulted in many positive reviews published in respected print and digital media. Experts especially appreciated the groundbreaking way of connecting a laptop to Huawei mobile phones and innovative login using a fingerprint and a webcam, hidden in one of the buttons. The top model MateBook X Pro has been tested by a manager who gave it the highest possible rating – 5 stars. This output has been published in the magazine Prečo nie?!

Publicity in technological media

With continuous communication with key techmedia, we have achieved several spontaneous outputs. We have prepared a separate press release for each laptop model. The extremely simple and intuitive connectivity of laptops with Huawei smartphones was most often praised by the media.

TV Report

TA3 TV brought a report from the presentation of laptops in the program World of Technology. The report included an interview with a Huawei product expert, who presented the groundbreaking features and modern technologies of the MateBook series. The report was included in the TV broadcast in addition to the premiere in several reruns.

Lifestyle way of communication

The Huawei MateBook series brings a device for everyone – whether you need a laptop for study, management work, or are looking for a top multimedia companion. In cooperation with Huawei ambassadors, we have prepared a comprehensive communication not only for technological but also for lifestyle and business titles. Huawei laptops have appeared in the editorial sections of Forbes, Emma, Eva, Evita, Exclusive, and ForMen magazines.