• Beer Academy Cervesario

    Connection of education and practice

Students are learning from beer experts

The beer experts, long-year employees of Topvar Brewery have been roaming Slovak secondary schools for some time now. They teach students how to treat beer with love it deserves, so it can later be served to real customers as if it just left brewery.

About the project

The Beer Academy Cervesario project is aimed at legally adult students who study to become bartenders, waiters and waitresses or innkeepers. The lectures comprise of both theoretical and practical parts, and students can obtain a certificate after passing a final test. In the theoretical part they learn about the history of beer, about the cooking process and beer pipe maintenance. The second part, incredibly popular among both students and the experts, is an interactive lecture, where students can see how beer is poured and then try it under supervision of a beer expert. During the school year 2016/2017, there were 12 lectures at hotel academies and secondary vocational schools across Slovakia. The beer experts have trainer more than 800 students.


The project provided ample opportunity for medial presentation of work done by the experts from Topvar Brewery. Chosen reporters were invited to attend the lectures. Except being provided with the informational and press materials, they could attend the lectures in person and witness the whole process. Through media cooperation, we have managed to gain focus on how necessary the practical education is for private businesses. Another goal of the project was to educate customers about how a correctly poured glass of beer looks like and what quality they should demand.


What we achieved


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trained students


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