Welcome Under One Roof

Internal communication is our strong suit

How to let employees know that the company is moving to a new place after all those years? That they will now work in an open-space instead of enclosed offices? That teamwork, cooperation between divisions and open communication are going to become the new style of work conduct supported by the company?
Even the communication with your employees can sometimes be a challenge. However, we love challenges! Count on our team and allow us to help you, the same way we helped our client – a successful international pharmaceutical company Novartis. We might even help you achieve the PR communication prize PROKOP, in addition to earning your employees´ adoration.


When it comes to communication with employees, we always remind ourselves that a well-functioning company is directly dependant on the work, loyalty and satisfaction of its employees. That is why we take internal communication as seriously as external communication with the public, clients and media. We never rely only on announcement of new facts, but we actively interact with the intended audience.

How we handled it

About the One Roof project

  • Topic

    Company and employees moving from the periphery of Bratislava (near Avion shopping park) to a new building in the Old Town

  • Goal

    To prepare employees for moving, an event perceived as something negative and troublesome

  • Timing

    December 2016 – October 2017

  • Target group

    190 employees and 3 divisions of Novartis

How we handled it

  • Continuous open communication during the whole moving – preparation –process, benefits and challenges related to the moving, dealing with questions, concerns and problems
  • Building trust in relation to managerial decisions
  • Motivating employees to partake in the decision-making process
  • Communication through competitions and games
  • All instructions were summarized into step-by-step manuals for employees
  • Less formal “corporate-free” language, non-traditional forms of communication, distribution of information in a sensitive and clear manner, taking into account the interests of the target group



Twice a month we informed employees about the current development in relation to moving preparations – where we were in the process of construction, what problems and questions was the coordination team dealing with, what the plan for the upcoming days was. An employee competition was, of course, part of the process, together with presentation of answers to the hottest questions from the employees.


Vintage comix

Funny, stylish, found at unexpected places – we chose this form for our communication strategy as well in order to underline the positive benefits of the moving.


Visually appealing and playful stickers were printed in a small format and gave to the employees to use them as they please. Shortage of stickers served us as a proof that the stickers were a successful concept.


A detailed map

Little gifts can surely please, but leaflets with handy information are invaluable. We left nothing to chance – after the arrival, all the employees received a box containing a detailed map of the new space, a welcome letter, rules for working in an open-space office, information about IT security and instructions about where to park a car. Everything was packed nicely and delivered at the right moment – just as we like it!

What did the employees think?

  • “I must say, there has been nothing missing since the first moment. We had enough useful information and, consequently, the transition turned out to be very smooth. I appreciate their work, they really did everything right. I must also admit that although I feared it a bit at first, this new place is awesome – it is beautiful. So thank you for the new space, useful information, and of course, hats off.”

  • “I couldn´t even imagine smoother and more professional transition from the old to the new workplace. Honestly, I am astonished…Wow!”


First day in the new office

Months of waiting and preparation need a proper celebration afterwards. Fun activities, good food, nice music – all of this helped relieve the mood during the first day caused by the tiring process of unpacking and getting familiar with the new space, and make it into a proper party.