• Viem, čo zjem

    Let´s teach children how to eat healthy

Bad eating habits are not a problem only for adults

Having meals in irregular intervals, skipping meals or overeating. Those are only few problems that children deal with when it comes to eating. Increasing popularity of fast-foods, sugary drinks and physical activity substituted by computer or mobile games. According to predictions by the World Health Organization, more and more people are going to suffer from obesity in upcoming decades. Viem, čo zjem aims to change these trends and teach children how to develop healthy eating habits.

Nestlé for Healthier Kids

Programme Nestlé for Healthier Kids motivates children around the world to adopt a balanced lifestyle, correct eating habits and interest in physical activities. So far, eight million children from eighty-four countries of the world participated in the project. In the school year 2016/2017, the project commenced for the first time in Slovakia under the name “Viem, čo zjem”. The project focused on children aged 8-11 and presented interesting lectures about healthy eating habits and fun activities. Almost 9000 pupils from 100 primary schools participated. The project is currently in its third year. It is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic and by the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic.

  Activities for schools

  • Enriching lecture

    Classes participating in the project attended an introduction lecture about prevention of unhealthy eating habits. The lectures were led by lecturers from the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic.

  • Lesson about eating healthy

    Pupils learn about eating healthy with their teachers as well. They were free to choose from 3 lectures – hygiene of food, promotion of eating fruit and vegetables and problems of a balanced diet.

  • Fun activities

    A three-part contest took place throughout the school year, where children could win special items. The contest was a part of a full-year competition where schools could compete for a grant to buy sporting equipment.

What we achieved

Our interaction with the pupils consisted of five parts – two lectures about a healthy diet and three contests. Teachers expressed their satisfaction through written reports, of which more than 90% turned out to be positive. So far, there have been 115 medial outputs about the project. The project continued in 2017 with 12 181 registered pupils. 34 regional offices of the Public Health Authority participate as well.


introduction lectures

8 955

pupils participated in the project during its first year


schools from across Slovakia joined

Class participation

My healthy plate

What students imagine under the term “healthy food” and what they should have on their plate daily – expressed through funny drawings.




in the contest

My healthy recipe

166 recipes made by students for the project´s webpage




in the contest

Long break in a milk bar

Classes made their own milk bars in the school. The goal was to capture the mood around the bar in a photo.




in the contest

Panel of judges

Erika Niepelová, a graphic designer, evaluated the drawins

Miroslava Kašubová and Martina Bolibruchová (Beautifood) chose the best recipes

Niki Benkovich, a photographer, evaluated the photos

  • Cooperation with the Beautifood bloggers

    Prepare a healthy brunch

    How to do it?

  • Cooperation with the Beautifood bloggers

    Let’s make some gingerbreads

    How to do it?



Launch of the project website filled with useful content: Registration info, educational materials and worksheets for lecturers, content for kids and parents and more.

Publication by experts

Methodology for lecturers

Published by the experts from the Public Health Authority. It serves as a methodological manual for lecturers and teachers.

Press release regarding survey results

The survey authentically shows whether pupils in regular intervals, whether they eat fruit, vegetables, milk products, but also unhealthy food and sugary drinks. Doctor Jana Hamade, the deputy to the Public Health Authority´s chairman and the director of one of the institution´s sections.