The Future is in Education


  • Topic

    Halting the decline of education in Slovakia, ceasation of negative trends and preparation of the education reform

  • Goal

    Creation of a comprehensive education reform in Slovakia, ranging from pre-school education, through primary and secondary schools, universities, to lifelong learning or training of analytical teams under the initiative Future of Education.

  • Target audience

    Professionals | General public | Discourse leaders /Political parties representatives | Employers


In order to conduct a deep education reform in Slovakia, it is vital to reach an overall change in Slovak Republic´s education policy. To do just that, in addition to expert analyses and adjustment drafts, it is crucial for the general public and other significant stakeholders to voice their demand, as well as willingness of key policy-makers. We believe this calls for development of deep public awareness regarding the topic, including both its negatives and positives. A well-tailored and implemented communication strategy is the key for this type of a project. In communication, there were several factors to be taken into account, ranging from the scope of published information, intensity of communication flow to choice of specific communication formats in a way, so that they reach all high-importance target groups. If a project is built on expert knowledge and well-analysed date, a lot of importance must be assigned to transformation of technical language to a form of speech comprehensible for the general public.

Timing (2018 – 2020)

  • At the beginning of the project, we drew up and communicated our vision of the education system in Slovakia, presenting its state in 2024 if the suggested changes are put in place.
  • We conducted a qualitative and quantitative survey, unique in its scope in regard to the number of testimonies, as well as in its complex aproach. The aim was to underline the suggested changes in education system with data and deep expert analysis.
  • Results of the survey were completed by findings from analysts, divided by topics and continuously published through a wide range of communication channels.
  • We prepared and communicated an Analysis of findings about the state of education in Slovakia. Its goal was to present a description of the status-qup and to identify the most concerning problems, their causes, correlations and impacts.
  • The findings served as a basis for suggested changes in the education system and were presented to the general public in March 2020.


Web a Facebook

The webpage todarozum.sk was created in the introduction of the project, as well as its Facebook page. These regularly publish all key information, planned and executed activities. Both pages served as main carriers of information for the project, they were publicly available, regularly updated and their structure adjusted to fit the requirements of particular project stages and communication demands.


The blog on the internet platform of Denník N, served as a significant source of information and was regularly updated with posts by project team members.



Target groups received information regarding the project from media, with which we communicated continuously. Our active communication uses regular press conferences (standalone or part of a larger conference), press releases and press statements. Passive communication includes reactions by team members in relation to demands from media on topic of education. These primarily include interviews, answers to questions or participation in talk shows.



Personalised communication through e-newsletter sent to subscribers´ email addresses is conducted within the project.

What we achieved in print

142 media outputs

in print media.

751 642 €

in overal value.

Our accomplishments online

622 media outputs

in online media.

267 229 €

in overal value.

Our results on TV and Radio

144 media outputs

on TV and radio.

1 409 575 €

in overal value.

This represents

908 media outputs

in total.

2 428 446 €

in overal value.

235 posts on Facebook

with total reach of 3 957 989

Alongside a new Facebook page, we developed a brand-new visual identity draft, which was then successfully used in our online communication. The website served as an effective platform to communicate all key information regarding the project. This ensured that experts and the general public learnt everything just in time, thanks to implementation of several new tools. Analysis results or recommendations were presented via series and with essential data. Moreover, to grip people´s attention, we launched several surveys and open discussions through comments. 235 Facebook posts were published in period between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2020.