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    Comprehensive internal and external communication, marketing of the clinic of plastic surgery and laser medicine

Why we take such a good care of our clients

Avelane is a clinic of plastic surgery and laser medicine in Nitra, founded as a dream-come-true of the renowned plastic surgeon MUDr. Daniel Mládek, PhD, MPH, who currently serves the head of the clinic. Doctor Mládek wanted to build a clinic that would meet his ideas of high-quality services and client care. At that time, no existing site in near area fit these requirements. Therefore, Dr. Mládek decided to build his own clinic, successfully. The clinic has been offering services in the field of plastic surgery, laser medicine, orthopaedics, general surgery and vascular surgery for almost 10 years.

Successful from the start

In the first year alone, experts from the clinic performed more than 500 plastic and aesthetic surgeries and more than 1,500 minor procedures and laser treatments. The number of successful operations is growing constantly, as is the number of permanent employees. The clinic is gradually expands its portfolio of services, doctors follow new trends in medicine and place great emphasis on safety, quality of services provided and patients´ satisfaction. Clinic´s excellent reputation is reflected in the number of patients who are interested in examination or surgery at Avelane Clinic.

The most important? Trust and feedback

When it comes to clinics of plastics surgery, the importance of trust and feedback is tenfold compared to other business venues, since the communication focuses on health and there is no space for mistakes. That is why we are thankful that the clinic gave us full freedom when creating communication strategies.

10 years younger

We also work on special projects, such was the Open Doors Day, the “10 years younger” project by Markíza TV , CSR events or sponsor activities.

We inform, respond and counsel

Managing social media accounts of the clinic has its specific attributes. High engagement rate is among the advantages, as well as the fact that a large chunk of communication between the clinic and its clients does not happen in posts´ comment section, but in the message inbox. We regularly publish new posts on Facebook and Instagram accounts of the clinic.

There are several new and unique hashtags in our portfolio, such as #omladnitesmladekom #objavsvojekrajsienoveja #krasajevaserozhodnutie, thanks to which we are able to share unique user-generated content of our clients. In order to attract new clients, we use carefully targeted ads on social media.

  • Tips and Tricks from the most competent

Get younger with Mládek

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name Mládek? When creating a special section „Get younger with Mládek“, we used a wordplay made of a name of Dr. Daniel Mládek, the director of Avelane Clinic. In this section, we publish short jokes with great visuals, as well as tips offered by the respected plastic surgeon. The main goal is to share quality content, to strengthen relations with the audience, to grow a personal brand of the director, to spread brand awareness of the clinic and to promote expert knowledge and quality work of professionals at the clinic.

Section´s content and structure

General advice, thoughts and tips related to beauty, skincare and post-surgery care. Combining short bodies of texts and campaign´s visual style. Publishing twice a week. Social media posts and stories accompanied by additional details about specific surgeries.


After publishing new pieces of content about specific surgeries, we note an increase in number of people interested in the particular procedure. On average, we receive 15 questions, which we then answer privately or publicly, depending on character of the question. 4 to 5 people tend to purchase a procedure after each post in the section. The section is active primarily on the Instagram account of Avelane clinic. Instagram stories contain more detail about procedures and offer the audience an option to ask anything they want to know. Drafting the answers goes hand in hand with tight cooperation with Avelane experts.

What surgeries at Avelane clinic look like

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Open doors day at Avelane clinic

Better to see once than hear a hundred times

It is not every day that the general public gets a chance to visit the clinic, talk to surgeons or dermatologists, to find a solution to their problem, to acquaint themselves with the staff or to hear about new trends, novelties regarding plastic surgeries. For the Open Doors Day event, we organized a full-day programme, during which visitors received all the information about plastic surgery they required. Representatives of beauty product companies or manufacturers of breast implants introduced their new stock at the event as well. In addition to organizing and coordinating, the agency took care of organizing the cultural programme, catering, photography and subsequent media communication.

Clinic´s anniversary

At the occasion of clinic´s 10th anniversary, we prepared a tailored reception event for people acquainted with the project. Delicious food, memories, and art performances were accompanied by a social media communication project. We managed to entertain more than 100 guests from worlds of sport, art and business, appearing on the TV show Smotánka. Comprehensive organisation of the campaign was fully in our hands, from conception to execution and media communication.

5 years with you

5th anniversary of the clinic deserves a great celebration

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